Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glimpses of the past

We know kids grow up fast. Here is proof. Photos of Carson and friends before our move to Oregon. So happy to come across these gems from the past ...

Friday, May 10, 2013



Kindness of strangers

So many people gave their heart, time and money to make sure Carson had a great trip. Time and again we were touched by their generosity.

First: many, many thanks to Make a Wish Oregon and Missouri, which provided financial support and logistics. Thank you! And thanks to Amy's friend, whose name I don't know, who referred Carson to Make a Wish. I'm sure someone will tell me her name in the Comments :)

Cheryl McLean let us stay at her beach house in Waldport, which let us enjoy the sound of the ocean, stroll the beach, pick up shells and rocks for Carson and get a few more minutes of sleep before we boarded our boat bright and early.

Rebecca Robinson at Irene's gave Carson money for treats at Laughing Planet. He kept asking to shop, so Kathy took him up on it and bought a pretty dress at her new favorite store! Kathy's boss also gave her the week off - during the craziest time of the year. Thanks, Dean Tammy Bray! Her co-workers also picked up the slack -- kudos to Heather and Alan!

The Oregon Coast Aquarium staff were amazing and gave us a behind-the-scenes tour where we got kisses from sea lions and a special view of the shark tank. Our guide was wonderful. I even think Carson made her cry.

Waiters, waitresses, store owners, tour guides, well-wishers in Missouri and Oregon, etc. all showed us the best of the human spirit. Thank you!

Carson's Make a Wish blog

This blog is the home of Carson's Make a Wish trip to Oregon. Photos, videos and reflections of his trip will be shared here - and visitors are encouraged to contribute!

Carson and his family arrived in Corvallis on Sunday, May 5, and left for Missouri on Friday, May 10.

Carson first met up with his friend Aidan and his family for dinner at Flat Tail on Sunday after eating a delicious lunch at Flying Pie in Portland. The theme of this trip, by the way, is about dreams coming true AND eating well! Which we did! We might have enjoyed a microbrew and a few glasses/bottles of wine as well. Carson enjoyed seafood and a particularly delicious double chocolate cookie from Laughing Planet.

Monday morning, we drove an hour to the coast to the towns of Newport and Waldport, where we stayed in a house on the beach until Wednesday morning. On Monday, we checked out the coast and ate the best clam chowder EVER at the Chowder Bowl on Nye Beach.

In Newport on Tuesday, Carson and the group got on a boat and looked for sea critters. Colton and Ava got to help out the naturalist in dragging in fish and crabs. We even got to go out on the ocean, where the waves were big! Afterward, he got to check out a group of sea lions lounging on the dock before heading to lunch at Pig N Pancake and then the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

At the aquarium, we got a behind-the-scenes tour and Carson, Amy, Aidan, Ava and Geri got kisses from a gentle sea lion.

On Wednesday, it was back to Corvallis to gather fruits (amazing strawberries!) and veggies from the farmers' market, stroll around Corvallis and swim. And eat!

On Thursday, Carson got to go (almost!) to the top of Marys Peak (the highest mountain in the Pacific Coast Range), and ate a fabulous lunch at Gathering Together Farm.

The week flew by, and Carson's smiles were plentiful and priceless. We (Aidan and his family) are so thankful Carson's wish was to see his friend in Oregon, and we enjoyed every minute of showing him our beautiful state!

(Links for all of the places mentioned in this post are in a list of links on this blog.)